Microsoft Copilot for Security available on the 1st April

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Writer: Kathryn Piper


Microsoft have announced that Microsoft Copilot for Security will be launched on the 1st April 2024.  

Give your security teams the winning edge with Microsoft Copilot for Security. Take advantage of powerful capabilities, integrations, and industry-leading generative AI. Microsoft Copilot for Security is the only security AI product that combines specialised large language model (LLM) with security-specific capabilities from Microsoft. It deploys skills, threat intelligence, and unparalleled contextual awareness to help security teams navigate security operations with speed and confidence. For the first time in the history of security operations, organisations do not require decades of experience, advanced knowledge of query languages, and skills like malware reverse engineering to perform their most critical SOC use-cases. 

Read the full announcement from Microsoft here.

What you need to know

  • Seat requirements – There are no pre-requisite requirements. Microsoft Copilot for Security is a standalone product; however, you can benefit more from Copilot for Security if you’re already using other security products such as Intune, Sentinel, Defender, and other products in the Microsoft Security Portfolio.  
  • Licensing – Microsoft Copilot for Security will be available across all agreement types, including EA and CSP. 
  • With Azure, you can start testing at a small-scale right away, and then roll out across your business as and when required with a flexible consumption-based licensing model.  
  • Microsoft will be adding a Microsoft Copilot for Security dashboard into the Azure portal, so you can easily manage costs and products within a single pane of glass. 

The benefits of Microsoft Copilot for Security

  • Protect at machine speed – Amplify your impact and efficiency. 
  • Catch what others miss – Create key insights by summarising data signals, detect cyberthreats early on, and strengthen your security posture.  
  • Outpace adversaries – Enable your security teams to respond to incidents in minutes.  
  • Security reporting – Summarise events, incidents, or threats in seconds and prepare the information in a ready-to-share, customisable report.  
  • Security Posture Management – Discover whether your organisation if susceptible to known vulnerabilities and exploits.  

How it works

Watch this video to gain an understanding of how Microsoft Copilot for Security works.  

  • Ask questions in natural language and receive actionable responses. 
  • Manage vulnerabilities and emerging cyberthreats.  
  • Work faster with script analysis and query assistance.  

Microsoft Security tools integrated with Security Copilot

  • Microsoft Copilot for Security works with other Microsoft Security products, using data and signals from these products to generate customised guidance for your organisation. 
  • Microsoft Sentinel – Collect data and coordinate alerts from any source using intelligent security analysis.  
  • Microsoft Defender XDR – Prevent and detect cyberattacks at the speed of AI. Copilot for Security is now embedded in Microsoft Defender XDR for early access customers.  
  • Microsoft Intune – Alleviate cyberthreats to devices, protect your company data and improve compliance. Now embedded for early access customers 
  • Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence – Understand cyberthreats and expose suspicious infrastructure. Now embedded at no additional cost. 
  • Microsoft Entra – Protect identities and secure access to resources. Now embedded for early access customers 
  • Microsoft Purview – Govern, protect, and ensure data is compliant. Now embedded for early access customers. 
  • Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management – See your external cyberattack surface in real time.  
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud – Protect workloads and secure applications. Now embedded for early access customers. 


Ready for next steps? 

To find out more about how Bytes can help you get started with preparing for Microsoft Copilot for Security, and implementing best practices to successfully roll out this technology, email [email protected] today. 


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