Enhancing Cyber Security and Networking Efficiency: Insights from Cisco Live 2024 EMEA in Amsterdam

Wednesday 21st February 2024

Writer: Ryan Lockwood | Editor: Georgia Moore


At Bytes, we are thrilled to delve deeper into the unparalleled excitement and ground-breaking innovations showcased at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 in Amsterdam.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) are increasingly focused on enhancing cybersecurity and streamlining networking operations. Cisco Live 2024 EMEA, held recently in Amsterdam, showcased Cisco's commitment to advancing AI-driven development and optimising networking and security solutions tailored to the EMEA market. Here are the key highlights from the event:

  1. Elevated Networking Infrastructure: Cisco prioritised upgrading networking infrastructure at the RAI Amsterdam venue, aligning with the company's goal of enhancing communication and cybersecurity implementation across the EMEA region. Collaborating with NTT, Cisco implemented upgrades to support faster wireless networking, including the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies.
  2. Strategic Leadership: Oliver Tuszik, Cisco's EMEA president, emphasised the company's vision of seizing opportunities and fostering new collaborations during his keynote address. Tuszik highlighted key concerns shared by customers, including infrastructure modernisation, cybersecurity in an AI-driven world, user experience optimisation, collaboration enhancement, sustainability, and organisational transformation.
  3. Partnership with NVIDIA: Recognising the pivotal role of AI in modern business operations, Cisco announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA. This collaboration aims to offer AI infrastructure solutions for data centres, leveraging Cisco's networking hardware and NVIDIA's expertise in AI technologies. The partnership provides organisations with streamlined access to NVIDIA's AI infrastructure while maintaining compatibility with Ethernet networking solutions.
  4. Expanded Security Portfolio: Cisco introduced innovative security solutions to bolster its portfolio. Among the notable additions is Cisco Identity Intelligence, designed to enhance identity management and prevent compromise through actionable insights and automated policy enforcement. Additionally, enhancements to Cisco's Secure Access and Email Threat Defence solutions further strengthen cybersecurity capabilities for organisations.
  5. Webex AI Integration: Cisco showcased advancements in its Webex collaboration tool, integrating AI features such as real-time language translation, meeting summaries, and text message rewriting. The partnership with Apple extends Webex's reach to new platforms, including Apple TV 4K and the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality headset, enhancing user accessibility and functionality.
  6. Cisco Networking Cloud: Cisco introduced integrations between its networking and security portfolios to simplify management operations. For instance, the integration of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN with Secure Access enhances network security and scalability. Additionally, enhancements to the Meraki dashboard offer improved visibility and management capabilities for Catalyst wireless devices.

Overall, Cisco Live 2024 EMEA showcased Cisco's dedication to driving innovation and addressing the evolving cybersecurity and networking needs of businesses in the EMEA region. As organisations embrace digital transformation, Cisco remains at the forefront, empowering them with advanced solutions to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape effectively.

Bytes are here to support any of your queries relating to the above, we are both Advanced Security and Enterprise Networking accredited, as well as Customer success accredited, showcasing our capability to deliver complex business outcomes with Cisco. Please reach out to your Bytes account manager or [email protected] for more information.

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