Infosecurity Europe Expo 2023 - Bytes Key Takeaways

Monday 26th June 2023

Writer: Daniela Miccardi, Contributors:  Adam McCaig, Gennaro Migliaccio, Georgia Moore, Giuseppe Damiano, Tom Butchers


That’s a wrap for another year!

To kick off a new week, the Bytes Cyber Security team take a look back at Infosecurity Europe Expo 2023.

Check out our Infosec 2023 Digest below:

Stand Out Topics  - Attack Surface Management, Reporting, Risk Measurement and Monitoring.

Key Talking Point – AI + Automation led the way with dicsussions this year, with on stand discussions focusing on Safe Enablement of AI tools.

"Food for Thought" Takeaway - Many organisations haven’t yet considered how to effectively prepare for AI, such as Cleansing Data.

A Growing Area of Focus – Supply Chain Security has re-gained interest amongst organisations, with visitors showing keen interest in the subject and how to effectively integrate management of Supply Chain into their security strategy.

Customer Conversations Unpacked – “A key takeaway from the conversations I had with our customers is the increased level of awareness that senior management and members of the board have about cyber security. As threats become more evident, and attacks taking up more space in the news, organsiations are coming to realise that security is no longer an option or an afterthought”. - Giuseppe Damiano, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Bytes.

"Still Going Strong" Talking Point - Managed services remains to be a key priority and area of interest. Managed Security Services enable organisations to enhance and optimise their security operations by providing customised services such as cloud, threat, infrastructure, data, identity, and response management.

Get the full load-down on Infosec 2023! Check out our exhibition round-up video HERE, where our experts chat with a selection of our leading Cyber Security vendors  - unpacking the latest discussion points and key trends in the Cyber Space.

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