Thoughtonomy and Bytes partner to deliver digital transformation from the Azure Cloud

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Bytes and Thoughtonomy are proud to announce our Intelligent Automation Partnership. Thoughtonomy and Bytes bring to market unrivalled experience in both Intelligent Automation and Cloud Consultancy. In this we help companies to achieve digital transformation through succinct Azure Cloud deployment: harnessing quick ROIs with no additional infrastructure costs and a framework that evolves with business growth.

Together, we are helping businesses across the world prepare for the future of work, today. By employing the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®, a SaaS-based Intelligent Automation platform which provides you with a pool of AI- enabled digital workers, businesses can unlock the value of their human team and enabled them do more and achieve more — accelerating growth in the private sector and helping the public sector become more efficient. Our vision of a Virtual Workforce is based upon a pool of Intelligent digital workers deployed exclusively from the Azure Cloud; and who better to guide you on this journey than Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Consultancy experts: Bytes.

Bytes has been instrumental in helping Thoughtonomy to get the best out of Azure  through their CSP program. Their dedication to helping thoughtonomy maximise the output of existing resources is a testament to a devotion to helping companies to do more and achieve more: a notion the team at Thoughtonomy are always striving towards.

Who are Thoughtonomy?

Most approaches to automation — whether through niche traditional technology or through robotics — tend to deploy either functionally or departmentally. While this approach may seem pragmatic, the results often fall short of expectation because the solution follows the same structural inefficiencies as from where the issue stems.

That’s why Thoughtonomy sought a different approach. The Virtual Workforce is hosted solely within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and can be deployed on-demand, anywhere with an internet connection.  In doing so, Virtual Workers can be adopted with no additional infrastructure costs and slot in alongside your existing systems non-disruptively, utilising any existing or future applications and supporting growth.  This will ensure that you receive the fastest route to your solution and yield ROI at speed; as well as saving incumbent infrastructure costs during deployment. Virtual Workers are also not tied to a specific process or activity but are instead directed to work as and when required wherever they are needed. This allows the workforce to scale up or down to meet the fluctuating demands of your business.

Perhaps the main advantage of a Cloud-based deployment is that it allows for the platform to be effectively “evergreen”. This means that any updates or new features will become available for use immediately, without the need to pay an additional fee or implement new products on-premises. In turn, you can be assured in the knowledge that your platform is operating with the most up to date technologies and that you are offering your clients the best service possible.

In line with this, the Cloud also facilitates the creation of a shared marketplace wherein organisations can make their automations public. In turn, different functions within this organisation, or indeed a wider community, can view their processes and “drag and drop” them into their own function. This has had wide uptake within the Public Sector wherein ESNEFT NHS Trust have created a shared NHS Market Place designed to make standardised process automations available to any organisation operating within the same applications. Not only does this save individual trusts time within the creation and implementation stages; but gives them a tried and tested automation to hit the ground running with.

Want to learn more?

Be sure to catch our joint live webinar on the 19th June to discover:

•    How you can effect real change to your organisation using Artificial Intelligence and Automation
•    How to unlock the potential of your workforce and free-up resource
•    How to make change stick and transform your business in the digital age
•    How to scale with sustainability


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