SQL Care

Revolutionising the way data is cared for in the cloud

If you have made the decision to move your SQL Server estate to either the cloud or a hybrid solution, a SQLCare or SQLCare+ support package can help. Available from Elastabytes, these managed services are revolutionising the way data is cared for in the cloud today.

As more and more businesses move to the cloud to control costs, they are finding configuration complex and on-going management time consuming, which is impacting the performance of their data and often leading to increases in data outages.


24/7 monitoring keeps an eye on your servers all year round, making sure problems are picked up and dealt with.


We completely transform the way your data is cared for, allowing full peace of mind that it will always be available when you need it.


Analysing and fine-tuning your system to make it as effective as possible means it is easier to safeguard your data in the future.


Our expert team is ready around the clock at our helpdesk, advising on anything from availability to resource utilisation

What's included


  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Helpdesk
  • High Availability & DR
  • Backup & Restores
  • Remote DBA
  • L1 & L2 Resolves Teams
  • L3 Resolves Team
  • L4 Premier Support


All of the above plus:

  • Performance Tuning
  • Application Optimisation
  • Emergency DBA

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