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By not managing digital risks, your business could be in danger of reputational damage, fines and loss of intellectual property. Digital Shadows gives you insight into external digital risks and the malicious actors behind them. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ frequently monitors the Internet, creating an up-to-the-minute view of your organisation and the digital risks you need to deal with. Digital Shadows Shadow Search™ is a powerful and easy-to-use search engine enabling you to self-serve and find cyber threats from across the web.

Digital Shadows carefully selects the partners to help us take our solutions to market. We found that Bytes’ understanding of the business issues we address and their strong focus on customers will make a compelling partnership.”

Tim Goodwin, Sales Director, EMEA

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Our dedicated Security Team have a deep understanding of Digital Shadows, how their product portfolio works and how it compares to alternatives. We can simply supply a price for your next renewal, or help you devise the right security strategy, advising on best fit solutions that work for your environments – whether they are on-premise, cloud, virtualised or mobile focussed.

  • Data Loss Detection – protect against exposed credentials, sensitive business documents and customer data.
  • Online Brand Security – protect against spoof online accounts, safeguard customer accounts and protect your brand.
  • Attack surface reduction – protect against vulnerabilities, misconfigured devices, open ports and weak certificates to stop attackers.

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