Empower your Microsoft Sentinel

Bytes Managed Microsoft Sentinel, powered by SecurityHQ delivers the highest degree of threat detection and incident response. Our security engineers are experts in advanced analytics and threat hunting, detection and response and work as an extention to your team, running Microsoft Sentinel as a service on your behalf to ensure the strongest level of threat detection and response to cloud threats.​​​

Deployment and management of a SIEM can be complicated and time-consuming for any organization. Our service will fast track Sentinel deployment and provide expert-level resources to assist you with detection, investigation and response to threats.

Managed Microsoft Sentinel Datasheet

Bytes Managed Sentinel Delivers

A SIEM tool is only valuable when it’s being managed and utilised correctly. Our managed service removes the burden of needing to recruit and train staff to keep on top of this, with a team of cloud security experts there each step of the way to design, configure, manage and optimise Sentinel for your environment. 

Using Microsoft Sentinel we provide 24x7 transparent and auditable collaboration, Incident Management & Analytics, Dashboarding, SLA Management and Customer ITSM integration API to ensure speedy, accurate detection, response and management of threats.

24x7 detection.png

24x7 Detection of Threats

Threat containment.png

24x7 Threat Containment

Expert analysis.png

Expert Analysis of Generated Events

Thret intel.png

Provide Threat Intelligence

Rapid Response.png

Rapid Response to Critical Incidents


Analyse Correlations across time

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Our Service Standards

Bytes Managed Microsoft Sentinel addresses many of the issues that plague traditional SIEMs – cost and time associated with deploying hardware or virtual data collection appliances, speed of connectivity to security logs and visibility into risk and threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments - with:

  • Weekly security operation meetings, to illuminate risks and incidents
  • 24x7 Continuous Monitoring ensures nothing is missed
  • Monthly Reporting and Business Intelligence Analytics to present: Risks, posture issues and pattern user violations

Why Bytes?

With 20+ years experience in delivering end to end security solutions, Bytes fully understand the importance of SIEM tools within a security environment. We understand that correct management and utilisation of a SIEM tool can yield tremendous security benefits and are best achieved when staffed by experts dedicated to that task.

So Bytes teamed up with managed services leader SecurityHQ to provide a fully managed service for Microsoft Sentinel that delivers 24x7 Threat Monitoring and Alerting capabilities from their multiple global SOC centres teamed with fully-accredited, expert Security Engineers.

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