SecurityHQ monitors networks 24/7 to ensure complete visibility and protection against cyber threats

The right combination of tools, skills, people and processes are essential to proactively and effectively manage, detect and defend your environment from all malicious activity,  both external and internal. 
SecurityHQ was founded in 2003 to deliver the very best security intelligence and consulting. 17 years on, they have evolved into one of the most advanced Global Managed Security Service providers, with Security Operation Centres across the UK, the Middle East, Americas, India and Australia.

Bytes team have a deep understanding of their customers security demands and the best practices required to resolve their challenges. It's why their customers trust them, and it’s also why our Managed Security Services are a perfect fit for Bytes service portfolio.”

Chris Cheyne, CTO, SecurityHQ

Our Managed Services

Key Differentiators

Integrity & Transparency

Our code of ethics is fundamental, not only to our business success, but to the growth of all that we value. We place the power of our SOC team into the client’s hands, providing complete visibility of their digital footprint, systems and processes, specific threats, and security posture.


Cyber threats are increasing, both in terms of volume and sophistication. Which means that traditional approaches need to be re-evaluated. Bytes & SecurityHQ combine best-in-business technology, processes, and expert minds to provide advanced solutions to your security needs.

Incident Management Platform

Collaboration is critical for effective security operations. Our Incident Management and Analytics Platform provides a single pane of glass for incident workflows, SLA management, data visualisation and document repository.

Bespoke & Engineered

Every client is different. Your risks, industries, geolocations, regulatory requirements, and processes demand a bespoke response. We provide tailored services based on client’s specific needs. Built from the foundation up, SecurityHQ's team of expert engineers know exactly what is required for each and every event.


Strategic SecurityHQ Partner


Great Customer Account Management


Dedicated Security Team


Solid Understanding of Managed Services

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