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The modern network will be breached – but you need to know when you are under attack and be able to remediate against that, a thankless task given the ever increasing amount of logs, devices and users on your network.

Active Security Intelligence is an integral part of your strategy to detect targeted attacks early and reduce their business impact. Speak to Bytes about solutions to increase your security intelligence.


Even the largest companies cannot manually review & correlate millions of security logs. Businesses need both a correlated view of what is going on in the network and the resource, time & skills to understand what events mean in context. Bytes define, deploy & deliver solutions to simplify this complex task.

Bytes can help you with the following security intelligence challenges:

Responding to increased volume

Today, organisations need security intelligence that can handle a much greater variety and volume of data, while also providing administrators with analytic tools that quickly lead them to their most pressing security issues.

Responding to increased risk

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated attacks bypass traditional security and hide in plain sight. Business need to respond via a rapid and efficient solution for the real-time monitoring, analysis and management of events to detect abnormal activity and attacks quicker.

Dealing with the real threats

Correlation, real-time alerting and triage are crucial to cut threats off at the pass before they inflict damage. Logging alone isn’t enough to identify patterns and the consequences of threats. SIEM is about more than real-time alerting. It can help to respond and reduce time to recovery in the event of a security breach.

By choosing Bytes SP to be our security partner, we have gained TCO savings and financial benefits and now have the confidence in our security systems to be able to support our compliance needs. Unipart Group,

Bytes Security Intelligence Solutions

Whether you are seeking an in-house SIEM solution or managed Security intelligence service, Bytes can help:

  • Proprietary network early warning system - Bytes Managed NOC
  • Expert advice to ascertain the most efficient inhouse SIEM technology
  • Fully managed SIEM from our global Security Operations Centre
  • Supporting in solution design, deployment and implementation
  • Direct to engineer technical support post install
  • Delivering value via Top Tier vendor partnerships

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