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Why Network Security?

Businesses are under pressure to protect network assets from increasingly sophisticated threats, whilst incorporating infrastructure changes like virtualisation and ever-higher bandwidth networks.

In today’s threat environment, the network perimeter has vanished. As the boundaries of your network rapidly blur and expand, the need for solid network security is business critical. This all means organisations need to work with technology partners with a wider approach to network security than 'the traditional firewall and perimeter approach’. This is where Bytes step in.


Next generation is this generation

To mitigate the latest security threats, traditional firewall rules and policy-based threat detection need to be applied hand-in-hand with emerging security features such as IPS, sandboxing, threat emulation and web content filtering.

Bytes is a leader in delivering, implementing and supporting holistic network security solutions for organisations to achieve protection from threats and enable high-performing, flexible network security. We have longstanding partnerships with world class vendors across all aspects of network security, with professional services to ensure they're seamlessly installed and configured in-line with your policies.


Next Generation Firewalls

Firewalls designed to help you reduce the time, cost and resources required to manage the increasingly complex threat landscape. Keeping the unwanted out.


Advanced Threat Prevention

IPS, Anti Bot, Threat Emulation and Sandboxing technologies form a crucial weapon in your security arsenal to detect and protect against today’s dynamic and sophisticated APTs and zero day threats. 


Network Access Control

Know and control which users and devices are allowed to connect to the network, provide the correct level of access for managed, unmanaged & IoT devices.



Securing data and avoiding service loss for remote workers and external stakeholders so companies benefit from a more connected, productive workforce.


Endpoint Security

Applying strong, unified security controls on every endpoint whilst simplifying management and cost. Keeping users and devices safe.


Denial of Service

Solutions and services to ensure your vital network resources, assets and systems remain operational at all times.

Bytes provided the know-how and expertise which helped us in turning around perceptions of PCI Compliance from a poisoned chalice to a useful business investment

Harvey Nichols, Infrastructure Manager

Why partner with Bytes for Network Security

  • Tier 1 partnerships

    We hold top tier partnerships with leading vendors allowing us to offer high commercial value and indepth knowledge.

  • Technical Expertise

    All of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years' technical expertise with technologies.

  • Technical Service

    With a wide range of technical services across all solutions from security stratgey planning to training courses.

  • Direct to engineer

    With our direct to engineer support we ensure that we reduce the time you spend on support calls - never speak to first line support on calls.

  • We understand business

    We pride ourselves in our unparralleled understanding of your business allowing us to give you a bespoke and personal service.

Partners we work with for Network Security

Check Point

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