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Supporting your cloud journey

Whether you’re already established in the cloud or just getting started, cloud consumption costs can be complex and unpredictable – that’s why we are here to help you take control, by effectively monitoring and managing your public cloud spend.

Bytes cloud specialists offer services that will not only help you to eliminate erratic cloud spend and reduce future costs but will also ensure your technical and end users are prepared for working in the cloud. All while guaranteeing that your cloud environment is trusted, secure and compliant.


Optimise cloud efficiency


Future-proof contracts


We monitor your cloud spend


Expert cloud knowledge

Cloud Investment Management Service

Bytes Cloud Investment Management Service (CIMS) helps your organisation navigate the often unpredictable world of cloud consumption costs.

CIMS provides unrivalled monitoring and management of your organisation's public cloud, on-premises and desktop spend. Our experts will assess your current approach to the cloud, before creating a detailed investment strategy outlining your licenses, compute and capacity.

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Bytes Quantum for Azure

Do you want to track, monitor and cut your cloud costs? Bytes Quantum for Azure will give you a view of your current commit and consumption levels to suggest potential saving opportunities.

Hosted in Azure UK with incorporated Microsoft Power BI dashboards and a secure AD portal, Quantum provides rich insights into unexpected cost increases, in-depth cost management, budgeting and forecasting,  as well as information needed to modernise your cloud estate and management of Hybrid Benefits and reserved instances.

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