A holistic view of your software estate

What is the Bytes Software License Review?

A Bytes Software License Review will provide you with a complete outlook of your current software deployments and associated licensing position and helps to address several infrastructure challenges faced by IT professionals today. Keeping track of software and license usage in a large IT environment is a never-ending task, so allow us make the job easier and stress free.

How can the Bytes SLR help my business?

Are you lacking a complete picture of your IT environment? Are you struggling to identify unknown or damaged assets within your business? By undertaking a Bytes Software License Review, you will ultimately optimise your hardware and software investments and gain better control of your business.

What is Software License Review process?

A Bytes SLR, consists of four phases - Discover, Analyse, Assess and Manage:

Key benefits:

  • Gain visibility of software compliance position for key vendors
  • Control business and legal risks related to improper software deployment
  • Balance optimising system configuration with cost license requirement
  • Highlight migration and consolidation opportunities
  • Align IT with organisational goals


We will gain an understanding of your current IT environment, this may include a questionnaire and interviews with key stakeholders


We will perform an assessment to review and validate all collected data from the discovery phase


We will identify areas where you can optimise your software investments and help you remain compliant


Post review, we will help you manage your IT estate and software environment in order to continue to meet desired goals

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