Virtualisation Optimisation

What is Bytes VOA?

The Virtual Optimisation Assessment (VOA) is a powerful new tool to help better optimise your vSphere environment powered by vRealize Operations and being offered by Bytes completely free of charge!

How will it benefit my business?

Instead of reacting to problems in your business, would you like to be able to solve them before they happen? Perhaps you are looking to decrease the time to diagnose and resolve performance issues? From deploying a Bytes VOA, you will mitigate all of these concerns and more, whilst making cost savings along the way!

What is the process?

The Bytes VOA runs over a 30 day period and works as follows:

Day 1


  • Pre install planning
  • Install vROps or vROI
  • Provide user orientation of the vSphere UI
  • Download and Install
  • New VOA Reports
  • Execute the VOA
  • Configuration Report
  • Discover pain points
  • Submit Proof of Install

Days 5-7


  • Execute VOA Performance Report
  • Highlight Report Results and Health data from the UI
  • Show workload analysis
  • Talk about troubleshooting and the value of adding
  • Log Insight
  • Provide user orientation of the UI, Dashboards, etc.

Days 21-30


  • Run VOA Capacity Report or the VOA Consolidated Report
  • Compile VOA PPT Report
  • Present reports to business decision makers
  • Show the value and demonstrate how operations management addresses pain points
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Information at every step

During the course of the assessment you’ll receive a series of analytical reports which access the configuration, performance and capacity of your vSphere environment. Once the tool has taken data over a full 30 day period (including month-end influx) we would then look to take that data and present it back to you.

We specifically identify:

  • Misconfigured clusters, hosts & VMs
  • Performance problems & their root causes
  • Underutilized CPU, memory & disk space
  • Overall cost savings

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