Ocean Technologies Group makes waves in the maritime market — with standout solutions, powered by Azure


Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) is accelerating the growth of its business, thanks to a successful migration to Microsoft Azure with Bytes. The marine technology company — with its diverse operations across 15 countries — now has a shared, scalable and centralised IT infrastructure to power up its performance.


Central IT platform required

The digital transformation taking place within the maritime world has opened up significant opportunities for innovators like OTG For example, shipping managers are keen to integrate software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions across their fleets to strengthen compliance and efficiency.

However, OTG faced a major technology challenge of its own. Through a series of acquisitions, investment and innovation, the company had become a software leader. As a maritime SaaS business, with over 400 employees which had acquired six businesses across 3 distinct verticals, it lacked a centralised technology platform.

To scale up the business for growth, Ocean’s Chief Technology Officer realised that the group’s diverse teams needed a shared system. And he recognised that Azure could support the perfect, scalable platform for every corporate workload. Having worked previously with Bytes, he also knew that its team had the right skills to help.

The Bytes Solution

Greenfield landing zone

The Bytes team got to work — figuring out how to deliver a core platform for a company that had grown organically and through acquisition. This meant unpicking a traditional datacentre that contained multiple active directory and domain environments, operating in different modes, with Bytes needing to understand how each was built.

Next, OTG joined Bytes for a workshop that analysed the group’s disparate environments and then determined the best operating model and infrastructure on Azure. This step proved pivotal — as it became clear that greenfield landing zone would be key to OTG’s migration.

Bytes worked with OTG to deliver the landing zone, helping to identify workloads and build a migration plan that saw OTG move successfully into Azure in multiple waves.

Along the way, Bytes showed its own agility with a co-delivery approach that provided adaptable expertise — exactly when and where it was needed. The Bytes team was heavily involved in the heavy lifting of the early migration stages. But as the project gained momentum, Bytes’ experts added a supporting role to enable their OTG counterparts to upskill rapidly and get hands-on with the new technology, processes and operating model.


Springboard for growth

OTG now benefits from a shared, scalable and centralised infrastructure on Azure that will provide the springboard for growth across the oganisation. Put simply, the whole company can move forward at speed and in full confidence that its core technology can scale on demand, deliver cost efficiency and support its non-stop innovation.

The group’s IT team will also benefit from the management and control achieved by having a properly-governed Azure environment. They can reduce exposure to risk and save hours of time managing multiple different environments. Put simply, moving to a modern infrastructure on Azure has allowed them to focus on delivering exceptional IT services, rather than dealing with the day-to-day burden of running datacentres.

With Bytes, OTG could take the optimal route on its Azure journey. Migration went smoothly and Bytes’ co-delivery approach and upskilling meant that Ocean could start reaping the rewards of its investment from day one.

The result? OTG can now continue to make waves in the maritime industry by confidently delivering outstanding products and services that the world needs today and tomorrow.


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