Leading-edge social network for women gets the perfect AWS platform from Bytes


The Female Social Network (TFSN) is home to a collective of female opinion leaders and women who are the economy’s Chief Purchasing Officers. The TFSN collective advocates for specific brands and products — with the goal of creating better economic outcomes for women.


TFSN wanted to build an online global social network using cutting-edge technology to gather data to identify key trends in what is on women’s minds, what they are thinking, feeling and recommending – from fashion and health to cars and everything in between. The platform would be used to gain real-time insights into consumer psychology and behavioural economics, as well as identifying opinion leaders, profiled using a unique algorithm to identify the 6% most persuasive women in society “super recommenders” and enabling brands to engage with key audiences. The platform has been developed to provide brands, businesses and governments with easily accessible data visualisations as well as a mobile app that features Live Q&As, social media sentiment and conversational analysis, online polls, video content and reviews.

I have worked with many development teams during my career. Our choice of partnering with Bytes AWS team was because they genuinely bought into our social purpose and commercial goals and supported our aspirations with their technical expertise.

Fi Bendall, CEO & Founder at TFSN

The Bytes Solution

The Bytes Amazon Web Services (AWS) team worked closely with TFSN through in-depth scoping workshops. They identified that the solution required cutting-edge tech, including AWS Comprehend's machine learning/AI analytics as well as interactive dashboards with Amazon QuickSight. These would combine with an Amazon Aurora database to build analysis tools as well as online member portals and an iOS application for video sharing and analysis. Bytes' experts designed the platform to AWS Well Architected Best Practices. But the team didn't stop there. They set up AWS audit trail logging and created a CloudWatch monitoring dashboard with alerts. Should any problems arise, Bytes also enabled additional AWS backup and recovery functionality using snapshots — allowing for business continuity without the costs of high availability. This was all wrapped in Bytes' AWS proactive optimisation management services, ensuring costs were kept in check and any cost saving opportunities were exploited swiftly.


Thanks to Bytes, TFSN has been able to focus on its business goals while being confident in the underlying platform that's built to the highest AWS standards. With its vast knowledge, the Bytes team could deliver all the essential components around the online global social network platform— and provided extra value with monitoring, alerts, security and cost optimisation that provided maximum peace of mind. This is unique technology that will deliver the largest data insights into women’s minds, feelings and behaviours globally.

The team built a flexible, integration and scalable solution that challenged the brief we had originally put forward. Not only are we looking forward to having Bytes AWS as our chosen development team for our future roadmap, I wouldn’t hesitate and have already recommended the team to many of my clients and contacts.

Natalia Pawlak, Chief Digital Officer at TFSN