Bytes' AWS know-how reduces cost and complexity for robotics specialist Divitae


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) specialists Divitae have been able to prevent significant cost and complexity from impacting a major new project. Bytes' expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped the company to avoid spending hours of valuable time on repetitive maintenance tasks.


Divitae was on a mission to build an RPA system to interact with desktop-based human resources (HR) applications. At the heart of the project was a legacy system that couldn't be replaced and relied on extensive manual data entry. Divitae was focused on finding a way to automatically take data from a web-based application and enter it automatically into the legacy HR system. While this was happening, the company looked to Bytes to keep AWS costs under control and find ways to solve some tricky platform challenges. A workshop was held and the best options were explored.

We get enhanced scalability, by allowing the application to scale out horizontally, and this is fully managed by Elastic Beanstalk. The Bytes AWS Optimisation service really helped us contain our costs which contributed to the overall success of our project.

Service Delivery Lead, Divitae

The Bytes Solution

While Divitae was putting its robotics expertise to work, Bytes addressed cost and complexity issues around the new solution's robust Windows IIS based environment, its managed MSSQL Express database, and the associated application load balancing. Firstly, Bytes knew that AWS Elastic Beanstalk would completely remove the complexity of set-up, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of components. Next, CodePipeline and CodeBuild could enable continuous integration — making life far simpler every time code updates were released by the Divitae application development team. Finally, Bytes used its AWS Optimisation Services to keep costs under tight control.


Thanks to Bytes' knowledge, Divitae's robotics experts have been able to focus fully on completing their project and developing new features — rather than getting distracted by background costs, complexity and repetitive maintenance tasks. By identifying Elastic Beanstalk and other tools as the best way to go, Bytes has provided a secure and scalable system that reduces the requirement to manually patch and update the Windows operating system and software.