Bytes delivers a Seven-Figure cost saving on Oracle to Electricity North West


Working closely with Oracle, Bytes helped Electricity North West through a complicated IT infrastructure transition. Following divestment, Electricity North West needed to transition and rationalise their IT systems to a new independent environment. Being involved from the outset, Bytes provided clear recommendations on how their Oracle software estate could be re-modelled to provide comparable technology at a seven-figure reduction in cost. Negotiations between Bytes and Oracle allowed Electricity North West to concentrate on the logistics of their move without having to worry about compliancy issues during the transition


In 2007 Electricity North West was created following divestment from United Utilities Group PLC. However, all IT systems were retained and continued to be operated by United Utilities on behalf of Electricity North West up until September 2011. In June 2010, Electricity North West selected a new IT service provider to transition all IT services from United Utilities and build a new Data Centre.

This transition involved the rationalisation of databases and shared applications for over 1,500 desktops and a legacy server infrastructure to a new, single ownership architecture. This required migrating existing license agreements with Oracle as well as the need to purchase additional licenses. This process was made all the more complicated by their virtualised environment and the pressure to remain compliant with Oracle throughout the process

The Bytes team remained by our side throughout the whole process, providing extensive expert assistance. Their knowledge of Oracle systems ensured we got the right solution, at the most economically advantageous value for Electricity North West.

IS Supplier Manager, Electricity Northwest

The Bytes Solution

Bytes Software Services engaged with Electricity North West to provide a software license audit and establish a full pre-divestment license position, in terms of both ‘Grant’ and ‘Usage’. Electricity North West gave Bytes full access to their software licensing contracts to allow them to assess where savings could be made against current and future usage plans.

This assessment enabled Bytes to completely re-shape the Electricity North West software licensing models to fit their new infrastructure and database requirements, whilst keeping a close eye on capital expenditure and future TCO. Following extensive negotiations with Oracle, Bytes achieved agreement for the same discount level to be applied for all new purchases for a further six-month period ensuring consistency on late project modification


Being involved in the project from such an early stage allowed the Bytes licensing team to fully appraise Electricity North West’s current software usage requirement against future demands, and then apply their knowledge of Oracle licensing agreements to leverage the best possible deal.

Having a close working relationship with Oracle and in-depth knowledge of their database software allowed Bytes to carry out all licensing negotiations as well as making sure that Electricity North West remained compliant throughout the transition of their systems. This shielding from compliance pressure from Oracle, as well the trust placed with us to negotiate the best solutions for Electricity North West, allowed them time to concentrate on the work required on their infrastructure separation and transition.

The re-shaping of their software license grant - and further discount negotiations - resulted in a seven-figure saving for Electricity North West