Bytes redeployed firewall infrastructure for, scaling security capability from 300 to 8,000 users and supporting business growth


Taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, Bytes helped to provide a platform that is scalable for the future. As the largest online retailer of branded lingerie, engaged Bytes to improve their information transfer system and reduce downtime. By redeploying the firewall infrastructure, the security capability was scaled from 300 to 8,000 users, allowing more marketing, order processing and administration during peak trading periods; directly leading to increased sales and profits.


Among other things, needed assistance with:

  • Increased service levels for current infrastructure
  • Reduced downtime and latency
  • Systems that could cope with periods of high demand
  • Reliable and swift payment and order processing
  • The highest levels of security for customer information

When Bytes and started working together, they had an urgent need to improve the reliability of their information transfer system and reduce periods of downtime. As relies on its systems for payments and orders, system downtime and latency are not an option. As speed of delivery and processing is a key benefit of using Figleaves, downtime is a real risk to both sales volumes and their status as the largest online retailer of branded lingerie. Online payments need to be secure, while keeping the customer experience simple and fast.

The relationship with Bytes is a long-term strategic one. The whole team are not seen as a supplier by, but as an extension of our team.

Head of Operations,

The Bytes Solution

The Bytes team met with and made recommendations around increasing throughput in their current gateway firewall solution. Bytes recommended redeploying the firewall architecture to guarantee the service levels needed. Based on these recommendations, revised their strategy on Firewall Licensing and Platforms, whilst also controlling costs. Bytes met with and were able to demonstrate a solution that would take advantage of the existing infrastructure had, and go one step further to provide a platform that was scalable for the future. Now, Bytes fully support this infrastructure and are developing strategies in order to refresh architecture even further.


After implementation there was an immediate increase in throughput capabilities, shown by a lower CPU utilisation. now have the ability to do a lot more marketing, take more orders and manage the administration behind periods of high customer demand due to marketing promotions much more effectively. This has directly led to increased sales and profits. As their systems and strategies dynamically change, are very happy to be working with an organisation who can adapt very quickly to their needs.