Bytes AWS deliver the perfect solution to power Intelligence22 – the innovative new data platform for marketeers


Manchester-based firm Intelligence22 provide a SaaS data visualisation platform for marketeers. The platform offers advanced analytics, pulling data from a range of channels and unifying it in one simple portal. Everything from social media analytics to sales databases can be aggregated - enabling marketing teams to measure their performance, improve efficiency and gain the competitive edge.


Intelligence22 were using an on-premise server to power the platform. Users had to input data manually which was then stored in Excel and aggregated by an automation platform. This reliance on manual input and on-premises was problematic when scaling up for increased data. The team were also having to perform lots of repetitive system administration. Intelligence22 needed to replace this system with a cloud-based solution that could be scaled to accommodate increased users and data.

The Bytes Solution

As Intelligence22 already used and understood the AWS cloud platform, it was their preferred platform for the new infrastructure. This is where Bytes AWS added value – they used their deep understanding of AWS to create a detailed scope of work document and deliver an effective solution.

Bytes AWS built the system using serverless technology to ingest data from multiple sources. The system stores raw user data in Amazon S3 – an object storage service that is highly scalable and secure. To index the data, the system triggers Lambda functions and Glue crawlers, before running Glue ETL jobs to move the data to Parquet columnar storage in S3. The system uses Athena as the interface for querying the data, making it easy to analyse the data using standard SQL.

The team used Laravel to build the main application and hosted it on Elastic Beanstalk, which allows the application to be scaled with traffic. They also used Amazon RDS to run a Postgres database and Amazon Certificate Manager was used to supply SSL certificates.


Intelligence22 gained highly resilient, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure - the perfect environment in which to build their cutting-edge data visualisation application. As the solution is highly scalable, Intelligence22 can easily grow their client base and accommodate increased data. They’ll also save time and increase agility going forward, as the new system uses code and automation to pull data from sources, reducing the need for manual input. Thanks to this solution, they were able to focus on building their product and getting it out to market within months.

Learn more about Intelligence22 here.

Thanks to Bytes AWS, this project has been a huge success. We entered the process not knowing how to approach this sort of task. Bytes AWS created a detailed scope of work and this level of accuracy helped the decision-making process massively – it supplied a clear breakdown of costs and hours against tasks. Working alongside the Bytes team has strengthened our team, with weekly video calls and screenshares helping enhance our own knowledge of AWS solutions. I am very confident that without Bytes AWS, we would not have the high standard of infrastructure that we have today.

Nathan Burke, Product Director at Intelligence22