Okta boosts security, visibility and remote productivity for leading investor firm


IQ-EQ are an award-winning global investor services group helping investors to invest and preserve capital in a sustainable and compliant way. They provide a comprehensive range of compliance, administration, asset and advisory services to investment funds, global companies, family offices and private clients globally. IQ-EQ employ a global workforce of 3,000+ people located in 23 jurisdictions, and they have assets under administration (AUA) exceeding US$500 billion.


Following a period of successful business acquisitions which brought employees together across multiple new locations, IQ-EQ wanted to consolidate thousands of identities across their new and still growing business. They were also increasing their remote working capabilities and modernising their approach to application management. IQ-EQ wanted a cloud-based solution that would empower their users, secure their business and increase visibility. It was also important for this new technology to lay the foundations for further digital innovation.

Working with Bytes was pleasurable and highly professional. Our account manager was very knowledgeable across the technology stack and supported by experts in the wider team when needed. All engagements were a partnership and working on solutions was at the heart of every engagement; it was never about sales.

Rob Clifford, IT Director, IQ-EQ

The Bytes Solution

Bytes is a strategic partner of IQ-EQ and worked closely with them to ensure the new technology aligned with business goals. Bytes helped IQ-EQ understand the identity technology landscape and it quickly became apparent that Okta, as the market leader, would be an excellent fit to help them overcome their business challenges.

IQ-EQ adopted these Okta solutions:

  • Single Sign-On enables login to thousands of applications under one portal. This empowers users by providing faster sign-in and removing the need to memorise multiple passwords. It also eliminates login queries to the helpdesk by enabling self-service password resets for end users – which frees IT up to do other tasks.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication adds a powerful layer of protection by asking users to confirm their identity via knowledge, possession or biometric factors. It can also be used instead of passwords. This secures enterprise data, supports quicker user sign-in and provides greater peace of mind.
  • Universal Directory supports IT with one simple platform to manage user identities, devices and groups – from any source. This makes extensive identity consolidation easier and provides greater visibility over onsite and remote devices.
  • API Access Management secures API backends, bringing extra protection to modern applications and those built in-house. This enables IT to develop applications without worrying about breaches and control access to already established applications. IQ-EQ used this to add security to a customer portal created in-house.

Bytes also introduced Ignition and Distology, two trusted partners who could provide further insights surrounding usage, new users and integration. They added value with a series of workshops to help IQ-EQ employees fully understand the new solutions and how their clients would also use this capability.


IQ-EQ gained cutting-edge technology that would support their employees and clients, adding to the services that protect their business long into the future. Their new solutions empower user productivity on and offsite, whilst IT gain visibility over users, devices and applications. IQ-EQ also gained extra security across the estate and a platform for further in-house application development. Thanks to Bytes’ commercial knowledge, IQ-EQ were also able to make savings in excess of £500k over three years.