Local Council Breach Assessment


REDACTED, a local government authority responsible for a district in England, reached out to Bytes for assistance when they suspected a security breach. Concerned about a potential attack on one of their users, they sought Bytes expertise to identify indicators of compromise and ascertain if malicious threat actors were still present in their environment. Bytes promptly responded to the incident, initiating a thorough investigation to safeguard REDACTED digital infrastructure.


REDACTED faced significant challenges in responding to the suspected security breach. With the complexities of managing a local government network, including sensitive citizen data and critical services, the potential impact of a breach was immense. Identifying the scope of the incident, understanding the tactics employed by threat actors, and ensuring the security of their systems while maintaining operational continuity posed formidable challenges to the council.

The Bytes Solution

Bytes swiftly mobilised its team of cybersecurity experts to assist REDACTED in addressing the incident. Collaborating closely with the council's IT staff, Bytes consultants conducted a thorough examination of the network, employing advanced forensic techniques to identify indicators of compromise and potential threat actors. Drawing upon their experience and expertise, Bytes formulated a comprehensive incident response plan tailored to the specific needs of REDACTED. This plan included immediate containment measures, forensic analysis, and ongoing monitoring to mitigate the impact of the breach and prevent further infiltration.


By engaging Bytes incident response services, REDACTED gained invaluable support in managing the security incident effectively. Bytes rapid response and thorough investigation helped the council identify and neutralise the threat, minimising the potential damage to their systems and data. Moreover, REDACTED Council recognised the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures and opted to retain Bytes incident response services on an ongoing basis. This decision not only provides the council with peace of mind but also demonstrates their commitment to continuously enhancing their cybersecurity posture. With Bytes consultants available 24/7, REDACTED Council is better equipped to respond to future incidents promptly and effectively, safeguarding their operations and bolstering their resilience against cyber threats.