Media Industry Web Application & Incident Response


REDACTED, a prominent digital marketing agency, enlisted our services to conduct a penetration test on their application. During the assessment, our team successfully exploited vulnerabilities within the application, gaining unauthorised access to REDACTED 's internal network. Furthermore, identifying several critical and high vulnerabilities within their infrastructure. This discovery proved crucial for REDACTED, as failure to detect these vulnerabilities could have resulted in severe consequences. Subsequently, incident response measures were promptly implemented to ensure the expulsion of any potential attackers from the network.


REDACTED encountered significant challenges in maintaining the security of their application and infrastructure. The successful exploitation of vulnerabilities within the application underscored weaknesses in REDACTED 's security measures, posing a substantial risk to their internal network. Failure to detect and address these vulnerabilities promptly could have led to severe consequences, including data breaches, reputational damage, and financial losses. The necessity for swift and effective incident response measures was paramount to mitigate the potential impact of the breach and expel any unauthorised actors from the network.

The Bytes Solution

To address the critical vulnerabilities and prevent further exploitation, we implemented a comprehensive solution. Rapid incident response measures were initiated to contain the breach, expel unauthorised actors from the network, and mitigate any potential damage. Detailed remediation recommendations were provided to address the identified vulnerabilities within both the application and infrastructure, prioritising actions to bolster security measures and prevent future breaches.


The penetration testing engagement and subsequent incident response efforts yielded significant benefits for REDACTED. The timely detection and exploitation of vulnerabilities prevented potentially severe consequences for REDACTED, including data breaches and reputational damage. By addressing the identified vulnerabilities and implementing remediation recommendations, REDACTED strengthened its overall security posture, reducing the risk of future breaches and bolstering resilience against cyber threats. The incident response measures implemented during the engagement enhanced REDACTED 's preparedness to address and mitigate security incidents promptly, minimising the potential impact on their operations and reputation. The successful collaboration between REDACTED and our cybersecurity services underscores the critical importance of proactive measures in safeguarding against potential breaches and data loss. By detecting and addressing vulnerabilities within their application and infrastructure, REDACTED has fortified its defences against cyber threats, ensuring the continued protection of its assets and reputation in the digital landscape.