Award-winning travel firm discover the best route to the cloud, thanks to Bytes AWS


Riviera Travel is an award-winning cruise and tour operator. For over 37 years, they have provided luxury international travel experiences aboard 5-star ships and yachts, as well as guided walking tours of famous cities and landmarks. Riviera Travel’s high-quality holidays have earned them recognition from the British Travel Awards, Cruise Critic, Which? and several national newspapers.


To take advantage of more scalable and cost-effective technologies, Riviera Travel wanted to migrate their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud. They were working towards this goal and wanted to assess their on-premises estate to gain a deeper understanding of their existing technologies, the interdependencies between applications and databases, the cost implications of a cloud migration and the best option for their business needs.

The Bytes Solution

Bytes was engaged to help Riviera Travel migrate their IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud from an existing data center environment. We started by conducting an Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) which provided a high-level view of migration options and costs to support the customers business case to move. With the business decision made, Riviera Travel then engaged Bytes to perform the migration to AWS. This started with a more detailed assessment and discovery of their existing estate to aid the migration planning, quickly followed by laying the foundations for their new environment in AWS in the form of a Landing Zone. Migration plans were then validated during a pilot migration before the green light was given for Bytes AWS Professional Services to migrate the remaining customer workloads. 

As an Advanced Tier AWS Partner, Bytes were able to leverage the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to secure AWS funding and migrate Riviera Travel's servers, storage, and applications to the AWS cloud while ensuring that all data remained secure and compliant with industry regulations. We also optimized their infrastructure for cost, performance, and scalability using a range of AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and AWS CloudFormation.

Bytes also empowers Riviera Travel with a robust 24x7x365 managed service, incorporating proactive monitoring. This allows Riviera Travel to swiftly manage incidents, requests, and tickets based on urgency, bolstered by automated alerts and FinOps monitoring. Bytes' dedicated engineers ensure continuous customer updates and adeptly troubleshoot any technical issues, fortifying Riviera Travel's operational efficiency.


The migration to the AWS cloud marks a pivotal turning point for Riviera Travel, reaping substantial benefits. Embracing a scalable, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure, this transition from their former on-premises setup has yielded remarkable efficiencies. A profound elevation in performance and reliability has seamlessly translated into enhanced customer service. Crucially, with the incorporation of a comprehensive 24x7x365 managed service coverage, the AWS cloud has further fortified Riviera Travel's disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities, affirming their steadfast operational stance even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Additionally, the company now has access to a wide range of AWS services that can be easily integrated into their operations to support ongoing growth and expansion. In conclusion, Riviera Travel's migration to the AWS cloud, supported by Bytes' comprehensive managed service coverage, has yielded a multitude of remarkable benefits. Through the strategic utilization of the AWS Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP) framework and a diverse array of AWS services, a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution has been seamlessly woven, catalyzing a profound transformation in Riviera Travel's IT infrastructure, thus underscoring the bedrock of their ongoing success.

Bytes enabled us to make strategic business decisions by providing unambiguous and comprehendible cost options for migrating to the cloud and the cost of consumption once in the cloud. Furthermore, being an AWS Partner, Bytes made us familiar with the multiple funding programmes that AWS runs, giving us the clarity and confidence to move our existing environment to the cloud and reduce overall TCO of doing so.

Tim Mahoney, Head of Technology, Riviera Travel