Smooth integration of acquisitions since 2001, thanks to security advice and consultancy from Bytes


Young’s is now part of the Findus Group, whose other UK brands include the Seafood Company and Findus. Bytes have been providing various security solutions for Young’s and the Findus Group since September 2001, recommending and implementing security solutions from firewall and anti-virus solutions, to mobile workforce solutions and now a fully-managed email security solution. Bytes have provided first class security support across a wide variety of security needs.


Young’s needed assistance with:

  • Anti-virus & firewall protection
  • Integration support, consultancy & implementation
  • Fully managed email anti-spam & content protection
  • Web filtering and proxy products to increase internet connectivity speed
  • Remote user security

Bytes provide first class security support across a wide variety of security needs, from antivirus to remote access security. I have a strong relationship with Bytes & trust them to meet my current and future security needs.

IT Manager, Young's

The Bytes Solution

Bytes provide a tailored solution for Young’s that is partly in-house and partly a managed service. They provide Young’s technical team with the systems, training and technical support to self-manage their firewall and anti-virus protection, whilst offering a complete managed service for email protection, externally hosted and supported. This managed service has led to a significant reduction in email spam and access administration.


Systems Integration

Young’s have built up their business by acquiring various companies since 2001. Bytes have been instrumental in aiding their growth by providing advice and consultancy on the best way to integrate and align their security systems each time an acquisition was made. Bytes have helped Young’s bring their acquired companies systems in line with their security policies quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal in-house administration time and effort.
Enabling a productive workforce

Bytes are vital in ensuring a productive workforce for Young’s, having implemented all of their remote access enablement systems, including SSL login, 2 factor authentication and Citrix support. This means Young’s staff can be both productive and secure when not in the office. Bytes have also recommended and implemented Bluecoat proxy products to ensure a rapid internet connection for Young’s staff.

Young’s have a high level of trust and confidence in Bytes as their chosen security partner, and has therefore adopted Bytes as their supplier of choice for services across their wider Group. Due to the quality of the support, implementation and consultancy Young’s receive, they now use Bytes for all of their anti-virus, firewall, hard and software, web filtering and Citrix needs, as well as choosing them for their managed email service.

Bytes have also now been chosen to implement the same systems and support across the entire Findus Group and look forward to supporting the wider requirement.