Action needed for customers using Outlook 2007

Wednesday 20th September 2017

On 31st October 2017, RPC/HTTP will be deprecated in Exchange Online in favour of MAPI/HTTP, a modern protocol launched in May 2014. Outlook 2007 does not work with MAPI/HTTP. This means that in order to continue email connectivity, Outlook 2007 customers will need to update to a newer version of Outlook or use Outlook on the web.

Additionally, Outlook 2010-2016 customers will need to ensure their version of Outlook for Windows is setup to support MAPI/HTTP. Minimum required versions are:

  • Office 2016 plus PU.2015.12
  • Office 2013 SP1 plus PU.2015.12
  • Office 2010 SP2 plus PU.2015.12
  • These updates can be accessed via the KB article located here

Additionally, customers may need to ensure their Outlook clients are not using a registry key to block MAPI/HTTP.

Details about this registry key can be found in this KB article on this support site

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