Adobe Creative Suite Assurance Promotion

Sunday 22nd April 2012

The Adobe Creative Suite Assurance Promotion allows customers to upgrade to an equivalent Adobe Creative Suite 6 software at no additional cost when they purchase an upgrade or full version of the latest version of Creative Suite within the eligible promotion period of March 26, 2012 until May 6, 2012.

For a sneak preview of the additional features in Creative Suite 6, click here.

Promotion FAQ's:Which customers qualify for this promotion?Customers in commercial, government, and education qualify for this promotion.Which Adobe products are included in this promotion?All current Creative Suite components and suite editions are eligible, except Adobe Acrobat, Adobe OnLocation, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Catalyst, and Adobe Contribute.Which Creative Suite components are excluded from this promotion?The following components are excluded: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe OnLocation, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Catalyst, and Adobe Contribute.What are the eligible purchases under this promotion?The eligible purchases include full and upgrade versions of all Creative Suite shrinkwrapped products and volume licensing available to commercial and government customers. For education customers, eligible purchases include: full version of Creative Suite shrink wrapped products under the Adobe Student and Teacher Editions Program, and volume licensing.Which language versions are eligible?All languages in which Adobe currently offers Creative Suite qualify for the promotion.What is the benefit to the customer that buys Creative Suite 5.5 today?A customer that upgrades to or purchases CS5.5 today is paying current pricing, plus getting CS6 at no additional cost. Customers that wait until Creative Suite 6 ships will pay the price to upgrade to CS6, which may be higher.Must customers install CS5.5 after getting it? Or can they wait until CS6 ships, get the CS6 product, andinstall it then?It is up to customers to decide if they want to install CS5.5 now and CS6 later when they receive it.

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