Advanced Security Features in Microsoft 365 for Business

Friday 22nd June 2018

Microsoft is enhancing the security features to further protect small and medium sized customers from cyberthreats and safeguard sensitive information. Microsoft has announced the addition of advanced security features in Microsoft 365 Business, which gives businesses with up to 300 employees an affordable, comprehensive solution for empowering employees and safeguarding business data. Microsoft 365 Business includes Office 365 for productivity and collaboration, plus device management and security capabilities to protect company information across the devices people use for work.

Now they are adding new ways to protect against phishing and ransomware and prevent unintentional leaks of business data.

Microsoft 365 Business now includes advanced protection from cyberthreats, including:
• Sophisticated scanning of attachments and AI-powered analysis to detect and discard dangerous messages.
• Automatic checks of links in email to assess if they are part of a phishing scheme and prevent users from accessing unsafe websites.
• Device protection to prevent devices from interacting with ransomware and other malicious web locations.

More information:
• Read the support article for Microsoft 365 Business to learn more about how to enable the security enhancements.
• Learn more about how Microsoft 365 Business can help your business, take a guided tour.

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