Aquilai and Bytes partner to deliver more secure Cloud Solutions

Monday 14th October 2019

Bytes are delighted to announce our new Partnership with Aquilai Cyber Intelligence! Aquilai Cyber Intelligence has also joined the Bytes CloudAdvance Program, a program which is dedicated to ISCs working in the cloud to create new solutions. Together, Bytes provides expert Cloud Cost Management around the AWS Cloud and Aquilai allows Bytes to offer a GCHQ approved, lightweight and powerful solution to protect its customers.

Steve Marshall, CISO at Bytes has said, “Phishing is an important aspect of compromise in today’s modern workplace. This is because we allow the attacker to speak directly with a member of our staff, on their workstation, inside our security boundaries. No matter what security controls we put in place, we have punched a major hole in our defences. It is akin to having fort Knox levels of security but leaving a blank pass at the front gate, just in case someone pops by that needs to get in. We all know about phishing in the old days of bad spelling, poor grammar and a Nigerian Prince that needs to give us some cash (for a small fee). However, the modern world of phishing is much more sophisticated. It is difficult for people to be able to tell the difference between Microsoft and rnicrosoft when you are sent a real Microsoft hosted form that requires your password. At Bytes we have recognised these issues and assist companies to use a defence in depth approach that considers all levels of the kill chain in stopping an attack. Bytes has a blend of security staff including penetration testers, consultants, incident managers, digital forensic experts and product specialists so our customers always get the correct solution for their requirements.”


Who are Aquilai?

Aquilai Cyber Intelligence are an innovative Phishing threat intelligence software company, which has grown out of the GCHQ Security Accelerator. They provide organisations with the ability to protect their staff and brand from compromise by email phishing attacks. They currently offer near nation state defensive capability against the most sophisticated phishing attacks. With no GDPR issues, the solution from Aquilai Cyber Intelligence works across all industries and sectors including Central and local Government, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Transport, and Media.

Paul Chapman, Founder / CEO of Aquilai Cyber Intelligence, has said, “Through partnerships we are able to offer a stronger Microsoft 365 proposition and are therefore delighted to be working with Bytes at a time when we are acquiring new customers across all market segments. We look forward to engaging with the Bytes team, assisting them in securing their customers cloud email systems against email phishing attacks.”


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