AWS Re:Invent – top announcements

Tuesday 19th January 2021

re:Invent 2020 ended with a bang! As expected, there were many exciting announcements!

To ensure you’re in the loop with the major announcements, we’re giving you a run-through of our top three releases.

  • Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL – A new translation layer for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL that enables Aurora to understand commands from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server. This allows you to run Microsoft SQL Server applications on PostgreSQL with little, to no, code change.
  • Lambda Container Support – AWS Lambda lets you upload your code and run it without thinking about servers. With new container support you can now build Lambda-based applications using existing container development workflows. Customers with existing container-based deployment tools and workflows can now benefit from a uniform development and deployment process.
  • Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect – An easy to use cloud contact centre that helps you provide superior customer service at a lower cost. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now supports real-time call analytics capabilities, enabling you to detect customer issues during live calls and resolve them faster.

Other notable announcements:

  • AWS Proton – The first fully managed deployment service for container and serverless applications
  • Aurora Serverless v2 – Scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions in a fraction of a second
  • AWS Glue Elastic Views – Easily build materialized views that automatically combine and replicate data across multiple data stores
  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles – Gives agents a unified profile of each customer to provide more personalized service during a call
  • Amazon Connect Tasks – Automates, tracks, and manages tasks for contact centre agents
  • Amazon Connect Voice ID – Real-time caller authentication using ML-powered voice analysis

If you would like to discuss the above new services or anything AWS related, please get in contact with us here at Bytes. We would be happy to share our AWS expertise and spend some time discussing how these, and other announcements from re:Invent, can help optimise your cloud infrastructure.

In addition to sharing our cloud experience, we can also work with you to implement and launch your projects.

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