Dynamics 365 Licensing Changes

Friday 20th September 2019

Microsoft has announced that on the 1st October they will be removing some of the Dynamics 365 plans and replacing them with Base and Attach Licenses.

Every full user must have a Base license, and in certain scenarios a second Base license may be required. Attach licenses can only be assigned to a user who has a prerequisite Base license, and subsequently users may have as many Attach licenses as they need. The core capabilities of Base and Attach licenses are identical, they are only differentiated in price.


In December 2016, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 and ‘qualified offers.’ On the 1st October, Microsoft will be removing ‘qualified offers’ from the price list and introducing ‘From SA’ pricing.

 ‘From SA’ pricing will continue to be offered in Volume Licensing and CSP for:

  • Customer Engagement Applications.
  • Unified Operations Applications.
  • Business Central.


dynamics 365 pricing.png


Don’t miss out!! Last chance to price lock Dynamics 365 ‘Plans’ for a three-year term!!

If you have any concerns about the licensing changes taking place in October then you can speak to your Account Manager and price lock certain Dynamics 365 SKUs via CSP for three years with monthly or annual billing.

AAD-39983 - Dynamics 365 Team Members (36 mo)

AAD-39985 - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Tier 1 (1-99 users) (36 mo)

AAD-39984 - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Tier 2 (100-249 Users) (36 mo)

AAD-39986 - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Tier 3 (250-499 Users) (36 mo)

AAD-39980 - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Tier 4 (500-999 Users) (36 mo)

AAD-39981 - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Tier 5 (1000+ Users) (36 mo)

AAD-39976 - Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan (36 mo)

AAD-39978 - Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Activity (36 mo)

AAD-39979 - Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Device (36 mo)


By purchasing just one of each of the above it will ensure that today's price is available to you for three years. Quantitites may increase or decrease without any penalties, or even cancel all together.

Orders must be placed and processed by the end of September.



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