Hello Microsoft Select Plus

Thursday 11th August 2011

Headline Dates:

  • After 30th June only Select Plus Agreements can be signed
  • Select enrolments can continue to be created under live Select agreements
  • Any Select e-Agreements created before 30th June has 30 days to acquire signature
  • 1 or 3 year Select renewals are allowed for V2009 contracts but NOT permitted for V2010 contracts (introduced October 2010)
  • All Select Agreements will be retired by October 2013

Points and Price Levels per Annum:

  • Level A - 500 Points
  • Level B - 4,000 Points
  • Level C - 10,000 Points
  • Level D - 25,000 Points

Select Enrolments are replaced with Select Plus Affiliate Registration Forms:

  • Business units, divisions or subsidiaries can acquire software under the Select Plus agreement by signing individual Affiliate Registration Forms
  • Points and pricing are now aggregated across all affiliates

Key Changes to Remember:

  • There is less room for 'optimistic' forecasting
  • The price level can only descend a maximum of one level each year
  • The price level can ascend immediately with enough points
  • Surplus points can roll over
  • Existing agreements can be migrated across
  • Re-instatement of pools are automatic
  • Software Assurance is pro-rated at the beginning of the agreement and available only in 25-36 month periods

If you currently have a Microsoft Select agreement or are considering moving across and have not reviewed your options, it is important that you do so asap.

Please contact your Bytes account manager or the new business team on 020 8786 1500 for advise on the best options for your business.

For general Microsoft Licensing schemes click here.

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