Important Vmware Licensing Changes

Friday 19th February 2016

VMware have announced that they are making strategic changes to their product portfolio – effective 12th February 2016.Watch our 10 minute pre-recorded webinar to understand the changes – click here.An overview of the changes covered in detail within our webinar…Key Product Changes *

  • 30th June 2016: End of Availability for vSphere Enterprise, vCenter Server Standard, vSOM Enterprise and vSOM Standard
  • 1st March 2016: End of Availability for vRealize Suite 6.0 and vCloud Suite 6.0
  • 1st March 2016: 25 x OSi of Log Insight becomes available with vCenter Standard

* above products will be supported by VMWare until the End of General Support date, further info here - Your Upgrade Options with Promotion Offers

  • vSphere Enterprise to vSphere Enterprise+ (50% off upgrade until June 2016
  • vSOM Enterprise to vSOM Enterprise+ (50% off upgrade until June2016)
  • vSOM Standard customers fulfilled to vSphere Standard + vROP's Standard (a la carte)

How standalone products are affected?

  • vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight – No change in price/editions
  • vRealize Operations Insight – Discontinued
  • vRealize Automation and vRealize Code Stream – Price decrease
  • vRealize Business – New line up
  • vRealize Suite Add-on – New App Monitoring Add-on for vRealize Suites only

Price Changes to reflect the addition or removal of functionality below:

  • vCloud Suite Standard and Advanced now includes -vROps Advanced, Log Insight, PLU license metric, Cloud Casting
  • vCloud Suite Enterprise - No SRM included
  • vCenter Server Standard - Now contains 25 x OSi licenses of Log Insight
  • vRealize Suite Advanced - No longer includes vCM
  • vRealize Suite Enterprise - No longer includes vCM or Advanced IT Management

Next StepsSpeak to your Bytes account manager or simply call 01372 418 500 to talk to a dedicated VMware licensing advisor who will provide guidance on the best licensing option(s) for you.

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