Introducing Microsoft 365 F1

Thursday 19th October 2017

Firstline Workers: the more than 2 billion people who form the foundation for some of the world’s largest industries—from manufacturing and retail to hospitality and healthcare. Even though they play critical roles within their organizations, digital transformation has, for the most part, passed the Firstline Workforce by. Until now.

At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft unveiled a new vision for empowering firstline workers in the digital age. And introduced Microsoft 365 F1—a new offering that combines Office 365 F1, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security—to enable the firstline workforce to do their best work.

Transforming the firstline worker experience

We see an opportunity for technology to give firstline workers a more intuitive, immersive, and empowering experience. And Microsoft is in a unique position to help companies tap into the potential of their firstline workforce with our commercial product offerings—spanning Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft IoT, Microsoft AI, and mixed reality through Microsoft HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem.

The introduction of Microsoft 365 F1 represents a significant next step towards Microsoft’s vision of involving the Firstline Workforce in digital transformation by empowering every worker with technology.

Microsoft 365 F1 transforms the experience for firstline workers:

  • Foster culture and community. Connect the firstline workforce to the company’s strategic vision, enabling decision making, innovation, and action.
  • Train and upskill employees. Help employees gain and apply new skills through effective training and upskilling programs. Drive improvements in loyalty, talent, employee retention, and performance.
  • Digitize business processes. Optimize and automate business processes to improve customer experience.
  • Deliver real-time expertise. Transform the access to, and the application and availability of real-time expertise to solve business problems through modern tools.
  • Minimize risk and cost. Provide streamlined IT management and extend protection to all employees, endpoints, and environments to keep customer data, company data, and IP secure—without impeding productivity.

More firstline worker-related enhancements

As part of today’s Microsoft 365 F1 introduction, we also announced:

  • New Microsoft StaffHub capabilities. Includes the ability for employees to clock in/out and track tasks; to stay connected in StaffHub by integrating messaging with Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork; and by highlighting corporate announcements made in Yammer.
  • General APIs for StaffHub. Enables companies to connect StaffHub to workforce management systems and other tools.
  • New commercial Windows 10 S devices. Provide firstline workers with new, cost-effective, and secure commercial Windows 10 S devices that minimize total cost of ownership and streamline the management experience.

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