Introducing Microsoft Azure Stack

Monday 17th July 2017

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Microsoft Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. Working together, Azure and Azure Stack deliver a truly consistent hybrid cloud platform for building modern applications.

Pay-as-you-use model: Azure Stack brings the cloud economics model to on-premises environments. You begin running services with no upfront licensing fees and you pay only for what you use, just like in Azure. Because you take on the hardware and operating costs, Azure Stack service fees are typically lower than Azure prices.

Capacity model: If you need to use Azure Stack in a disconnected mode, Microsoft offers a capacity model pricing package, which allows you to license all the physical cores in your deployment with a fixed fee annual subscription. Two capacity packages are available to meet your workload needs: the App Service package, which includes App Service, base virtual machines, and Azure Storage ($400/core/year), and the IaaS package, which includes base virtual machines and Azure Storage ($144/ core/year.) With the capacity model, you use your existing on-premises licenses to deploy Windows Server and SQL Server virtual machines. The capacity model is available via EA only. It is purchased as an Azure Plan SKU via normal volume licensing channels. For typical use cases, Microsoft expects the pay-as-you-use model to be the most economical option.

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