Migrating and packaging applications for Windows 10

Thursday 19th July 2018

The biggest blocker to a successful Windows 10 transition is legacy and problematic applications. Full stop.

We can package 100% of Microsoft applications to deploy on Windows 10

Traditional packaging tools, such as App-V, struggle with legacy 16-Bit applications running on the likes of XP and Windows Server 2003. On average App-V can package 70% of an application estate without too much trouble, but it will struggle on the remaining 30%. Many organisations spend days or even weeks and months attempting to package an application and often fail.

This is where Bytes in partnership with Triangulate come in.

We can quickly and simply package 100% of Microsoft applications to deploy on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

For a fixed fee of £495, you simply send us your application on a personalised portal and we will return it packaged for Windows 10 64 bit and ready for deployment in 7 working days. This can be done more quickly for a small additional cost if you are in a hurry!

Ongoing application remediation

After the need for user Training to use Windows 10, the next biggest problem is resource to migrate users to Windows 10 and resource to keep the applications working with twice yearly Windows 10 patches/upgrades. On average between 2% and 8% of applications will cease to work with a new OS patch/release requiring re-packaging and testing. This is time consuming and expensive in resource.

Bytes and Triangulate offer a cost-effective remediation managed service where for £30 per application per month we ensure the packaged application will continue to work with any future OS upgrades or changes.

Endpoint backup, user profiles, data and security. How do automate deployment

Once you have repackaged your applications and it is time for users to upgrade to Windows 10, we can automate the deployment process.

Firstly, we backup all the user profiles and data to the cloud on their existing devices and re-image the device with Windows 10. When the user logs back in, all the users’ applications, personal profiles and data are restored from the cloud automatically. By automating in this way, we can migrate devices 10 times faster than it can be done manually, saving thousands of pounds in labour costs. Because our solution continuously backs up the device every 15 minutes to the cloud, you also have the added benefit of 100% endpoint security in case of device failure or malicious cyber-attack. A user can be provided with a new device and on login the entire device is restored to the exact state it was before the incident.

Contact your Bytes Account Manager for more information or email tellmemore@bytes.co.uk

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