New: 5 year Reserved Instances

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Microsoft have recently introduced a new 5 Year Reserved Instance. 

Important points: 

  • This is only available for HBv2 Azure Virtual Machines (for high performance computing) 
  • There is an early termination fee of 35%

Product terms: 

As an exception to the general terms for Azure Reservations, we offer five-year Azure Reservation terms for select VM families. The early termination fee for a five-year Azure Reservation is 35%. 

Microsoft reserves the right during a five-year Azure Reservation to move you to a newer version of the HB series for reasons including, but not limited to, unavailability of parts for maintenance or lack of support from the hardware vendor. In such cases, the new version and hardware configuration will provide at least the same level of performance. 


Please speak to your Bytes Account Manager to find out more. 

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