New Meeting Rooms launching December 1st

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Microsoft has announced the availability of a new Meeting Room SKU launching in December 2018. This new SKU includes the licenses required to enable cloud voice services on a meeting room device. It is designed to provide customers the flexibility they need to license their meeting room devices appropriately without over licensing. The SKU will be priced at £11.30/device/month and will be restricted for assignment to devices only. It will include the following service plans:

  • Skype for Business Online Plan 2
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Phone System
  • Audio Conferencing (where available)
  • Microsoft Intune

This is great news for our customers who can now correctly licence meeting room devices without the need to licence every single user who may use the meeting room device! For commercial customers, the new SKU will be available through the EA, EAS, CSP, and Web Direct beginning December 1, 2018. For EDU customers, the SKU will be available through EES on December 1 and through CSP and Web Direct on January 1. There is no launch date for GCC at this time.

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