New Technology Release - Check Point R80.40

Thursday 30th January 2020

Check Point R80.40 Unified Security, part of the Check Point Infinity architecture, has landed! 

With over 100 new features, R80.40 is imperative for putting your network security on the fast track - providing unified management for both physical and virtual networks, on premise, and cloud enforcement points:

New Features include:

*  SmartTasks - automates daily work with pre-defined or customizable actions

*  Dedicated HTTPS policy layer - preventing encrypted traffic from Gen V mega attacks

*  Zero-touch deployment - from hours to minutes for installing new gateways

*  IoT Security Manager - Identify IoT devices & seamlessly turn their attributes into IoT security policy

Initially recommended for customers who will gain most benefit from implementing these new features, Check Point will make it the default version after significant adoption.

Interested in exploring R80.40 and understanding its new features?
Seeking an Expert Partner to Ensure your Upgrade delivers maximum value?

Speak to Bytes Security Partnerships – the world’s first Check Point Infinity Specialist partner. 

Contact your Bytes account manager about Check Point, Check Point R80.40 or Check Point Infinity on 0330 058 5622.

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