Red Hat Linux 6 End of Maintenance - 30th November 2020.

Thursday 20th February 2020

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will be coming to the End of Maintenance Support (Product retirement) and entering the Extended Life-cycle Support (ELS) stage on 30th November 2020.

Your Red Hat subscription gives you continuous access to all active versions of the Red Hat software in both binary and source form, including all security updates and bug fixes. As Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 transitions out of the Full/Maintenance Phases, we strongly recommend that you take full advantage of your subscription services and upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or 8, which contain compelling new features, enablement for modern hardware platforms and ISV applications.

If you must stay on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, we recommend that you add the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) Add-On subscription to your current Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ELS Add-On complements your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and provides software maintenance services not otherwise available in the Extended Life Phase. Customers who purchase the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ELS Add-On subscription continue to receive software maintenance (critical impact security and selected urgent priority bug fixes) and technical support as provided in the Maintenance Support 2 Phase. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ELS is available through 30th June 2024, and requires that you have an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription with equivalent subscription terms and support level.

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