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Wednesday 27th May 2020

During these uncertain times, some businesses are reluctant to kick off new projects. We are however seeing customers want to consolidate their position, reduce costs and ensure their workloads are secure, resilient & optimised on AWS. Bytes AWS would like to offer all our customers the opportunity to save on their AWS costs. 

Bytes AWS are an MSP for Cloud Health and Advanced Consultancy/Solution Provider for AWS. These certifications allow Bytes AWS to offer a range of fully-funded consultancy and cost-saving services.
Save up to 20% on your AWS bills with our cost optimisation services – Get access to the enterprise-class cloud management tool, Cloud Health, completely free of charge. We will analyse your spend and optimisation options. The service and tooling will give deep insight into your AWS resource utilisation. Training and advice will be given on the tool and high-level suggestions on how to reduce costs backed by detailed analysis from our Business Analysis and Architects. There are options to increase your services levels if required and can be discussed.
Funded Microsoft Workload Migrations – Bytes AWS are generally able to get 100% funding for migration projects into AWS. Amazon have increased funding to 50% for a limited time to support companies looking to migrate windows workloads to AWS Cloud. We can scope, design, build and deploy often with no charge or heavily-reduced to our customers 
Well-Architected Reviews - Take advantage of the AWS fully funded Well-Architected programme. Our Senior Architects will carry out an in-depth review of your application/workload and build a report with critical remediation recommendations highlighted. AWS will fully fund and endorse our Architects working with your team to implement these recommendations. The service equates to $5,000 or 26 hours of free of charge consultancy. Customers can request this service for every production workload/application on the AWS platform. 
AWS Workspaces (VDI) – Make use of fully-funded POC’s to try out AWS WorkSpaces. This powerful solution will allow you to truly offer your remote workers a controlled desktop experience – and you only pay when it's used and needed.

If any of these options are of interest, please email [email protected] or speak to your account manager. 

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