Trend Micro protects VMWare Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Friday 29th September 2017

Vmware Cloud™ on Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easy to run production applications across VMware vSphere based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Already securing millions of VMware virtual machines around the globe, Trend Micro builds on the partnership and history of innovation with VMware and AWS.

The Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security solution, powered by XGen™ security, removes the complexity and risk of managing security across multiple environments, extending protection and visibility to VMware Cloud™ on AWS.

A single automated solution—purpose-built for VMware and other leading virtual, cloud, and container environments—Deep Security safeguards applications and data on your workloads, preventing business disruption and streamlining regulatory compliance.

Making your cloud journey easy with security you can trust

Trend Micro is the recognized leader in server security. With thousands of customers and millions of servers protected, our industry innovations around virtualization and cloud security combined with deep partnerships with leaders like VMware and AWS make Deep Security a natural choice to secure your SDDC.

Extending data center security to the cloud

Trend Micro delivers multiple capabilities managed through a single connected dashboard that provides you with full visibility into leading environments like VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Docker.

Support for multiple environments

Security automation across the hybrid cloud enables you to keep up with the pace of application development and benefit from workload elasticity across virtual, cloud/multi-cloud, and container environments.

Multiple threat-defense techniques in one tool

A designed and optimised security solution to protect your physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads. With it, you can provide optimal security, accelerate compliance, and reduce operational costs.

Security and market innovation

Trend Micro has been at the forefront of security innovation with multiple firsts to market, including vShield support, NSX file and network security, and protection built into cloud-based managed service offerings.

For more information on Trend Micro Deep Security for VMware Cloud, click here.

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