VMware Price Increases: What you need to know

Friday 29th July 2022

VMware have announced a double digit price increase on their core perpetual licensing and support, effective 4th August 2022.


High-level summary:

Perpetual Core portfolio +10% (vSphere, vCloud, vSAN, NSX, vRNI, VCF)

Perpetual EUC portfolio +1% on EUR Pricelist (not all pricelists) other way 0%

Perpetual average increase +2.1%

SaaS – price adjustment from -89% to +69% on 2 product families: DAAS-SERVICE and AIRWATCH CLOUD

SaaS – average increase 0%

TAMs – price change for all countries individually, mature ones for illustration: FRANCE +4% ; GERMANY +5% ; UK +6%


Product examples:

VM pi.png

VMware Statement:

"Price adjustments are a normal part of VMware’s business, taking into account inflation, general market conditions, and the company’s plans to deliver the best value to customers while funding investments in the emerging needs of our customers, including VMware subscription and SaaS offerings."


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