VMware Unveils vSphere 5 and the Cloud Infrastructure Suite

Friday 12th August 2011

The announced released include vSphere 5, vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5, vShield 5, vCloud Director 1.5 and the new vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0.These are joined by vCenter Operations, which launched in March of this year, to complete their offering.

See below for a selection of links that will give you a complete picture of the newVsphere advantages. To further your enquiries,please contact your Bytes Account Manager or ourVMware Specialist. Listen to Steve Herrod, Chief technology Officer, VMware - talk you through the new set of releases: www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mfhBFYbdTaA

More about this latest version of vSphere: www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/overview.html This release of vSphere removes the service console. Learn more about the transition from the traditional ESX architecture to the lighter weight ESXi: www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/esxi-and-esx/overview.html Here's more about vShield and how it can help provide trust in the cloud: www.vmware.com/products/vshield/overview.html This second release of vCloud Director has a number of improvements: www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-director/overview.html Here's where you can learn all about the new vSphere Storage Appliance: www.vmware.com/products/datacenter-virtualization/vsphere/vsphere-storage-appliance/overview.html Learn more about vSphere replication and other new capabilities in vCenter Site Recovery Manager: www.vmware.com/products/site-recovery-manager/ And along the way, VMware are continuing to advance many other features including High Availability (www.vmware.com/products/high-availability/overview.html) and load balancing (www.vmware.com/technical-resources/virtualization-topics/high-availability/load-balancing/load-balancing.html).

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