Windows Desktop Licensing Update

Thursday 24th April 2014

Windows Enterprise Upgrade License is now available and replaces the previous options for Windows Enterprise edition. Here's an overview of the changes:Prior to 1st March 2014Previously organisations wanting Windows Enterprise edition had two options:

  1. Add Software Assurance to an OEM Windows Pro licence purchased preinstalled on a new device within a 90 day period
  2. Purchase a Windows Pro upgrade licence with Software Assurance, which enabled the right to install and use Windows Enterprise Edition

From 1st March 2014 – Windows Enterprise Upgrade LicenseUnder new rules, Microsoft now offers the ability to purchase a Windows Enterprise Upgrade licence, therefore removing the requirement to purchase Software Assurance in order to gain Enterprise rights.A Windows Enterprise Upgrade license can be purchased on its own through the Select Plus and Open Licence programs. It can also be purchased with Software Assurance through any of Microsoft's Volume Licensing programs. What About Software Assurance?Software Assurance for Windows Pro will no longer be available which will affect newly acquired OEM licenses. To ease this transition, Software Assurance for Windows may continue to be attached within 90 days to Windows Pro on a new PC acquired before 1st July 2014. For example, if a customer buys a new machine on June 3rd they can attach SA to the device without buying the underlying Upgrade license until September 1st. Software Assurance will continue to provide valuable benefits such as:

  • New version rights
  • Rights to subscribe to the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP)
  • Access a virtual desktop running in a datacentre
  • Rights to subscribe to a Companion Subscription Licence
  • Run up to four Windows virtual machines on a licensed device
  • Rights to use Windows To Go on a licensed device

For further information on this licensing update, please contact your Bytes account manager or call us on 01372 418 500.

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