Bytes Blog: How to Modernise your Business with AWS

Friday 10th February 2023

Writer: Simon Walker, Editor: Thomas Clark


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud providers in today’s market, offering solutions for businesses of all sizes. In this blog we will discus how your business can benefit from an AWS cloud migration, with the help of our Bytes software specialists.

It’s no accident that cloud technology uptake is accelerating: this report* suggest almost all organisations now use a cloud-based service. But augmenting your legacy IT infrastructure can only do so much.

Long-term success demands full modernisation and for many organisations, that means migration to the cloud through AWS. Migration adds value to existing budgets, and enables the long-term benefits of cloud-based modernisation:

  • Better resource allocation
  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Greater business agility
  • Faster application updates
  • More advanced security

The question is: How (and when) should organisations look to modernise with AWS? This blog looks at two key approaches. If you’re already thinking of migrating your IT estate to the cloud, then contact our team via [email protected].

Modernising at Migration

Neither migration nor modernisation are any one thing. Instead, they’re many challenges under one banner. Untangling cloud complexity, choosing a migration methodology – and the solutions to deliver it – are just three.

By assessing your existing infrastructure, workloads, and budget, you ensure rightsizing and modernisation occur at the point of migration. We’ll look at that, next.

Assessing your Appliances

The Bytes AWS team use specialist tools to ensure we maximise your opportunities in AWS.  Modernising your applications, adopting serverless architecture, and setting up a hybrid on-prem/cloud systems – whatever works for you.

These tools ensure you can migrate and modernise with confidence:

  • You’ll get a clear picture of costs for your migration.
  • Automation will take pressure off your internal teams.
  • You’ll be able to present a clear business case to stakeholders.
  • You’ll end up with the best AWS solutions for your needs.

Post Migration Modernisation

Migration itself can be a complex process. Committing to modernisation at this stage may not be an option for some organisations.

Thankfully, the flexibility of the cloud means you can unlock the potential of modernisation after you’ve migrated.

AWS releases new tools almost daily. That means more opportunities to streamline your teams and processes for greater agility at a lower cost. Understanding which are right for you isn’t easy. Visit the  Bytes AWS section of our site to find out more. 

Choose your Solution

The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to be proactive. You could do that by reaching out to our cloud services providers. We use three tactics to help our clients:

  • Total modernisation, where we assess your workload needs and look for opportunities across your entire infrastructure.
  • Partial modernisation, where we look to improve processes on select workloads.
  • Stand-alone modernisation, where we focus on a key opportunity.

By actively working with you to identify modernisation opportunities, our Bytes AWS team can future-proof your organisation and keep delivering fantastic service for your business today.

Modernise with Bytes AWS

No matter how you choose to modernise, do it with Bytes.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and cloud specialist, we help organisations like yours find success in the cloud by:

  • Showing you ways to move away from expensive, old-fashioned technologies and adopt cloud solutions that let you reduce costs and improve processes.
  • Connecting you with the right partners and the right solutions for your needs.
  • Giving you a clear picture of costs and benefits.
  • Providing fully funded migration assessments to help you build the strongest business            case for migration and modernisation.
  • Taking care of all the heavy lifting, so you and your team can focus on the day-to-day. Want to learn more about how we can help you find success in the cloud, then please contact us today. 

*Cloud Computing 2022, Lexology, 2022

Want to know more? Visit our website to discover how Bytes could facilitate your seamless 5 step migration Here. Also find out more by speaking to our specilists via [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

The Bytes AWS Team


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