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Assess, Discover, Mobilise, Modernise, and Migrate to the cloud with Bytes, a certified Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

AWS are designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. AWS have more services, features, functionality, and the most proven operational experience, at scale, than any other cloud provider.

Migration assessments are fully funded, and we will assist with securing this financial assistance. Should you then proceed, we will look to secure you further funding for the actual migration – it may even be possible for the full cost to be covered!


AWS Optimisation

AWS 5 Phases for Migration


Bytes AWS- Assess Phase

The Initial assess phase is key to successful cloud migration. Thorough assessment provides insight into how much the migration will cost, how long it will take, and which overall methodologies need to be used.

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Bytes AWS - Discovery

The discovery stage is where AWS build a roadmap to the cloud, which helps provide a solid business case for migration. This evaluation identifies the total cost of ownership and outlines the benefits to the business.

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Bytes AWS- Mobilise

After conducting the discovery phase a production and operating plan must be composed, as we mobilise for your move to the cloud.

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Bytes AWS- Migrate

The Migrate phase is where we execute the previous discovery and migrate phases. After a pilot migration we apply for funding on your behalf to allow for the full migration to the cloud.

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Bytes AWS- Modernise

Once migration has been completed the next step is to modernise your cloud migration. Modernising helps you to drive costs down while giving more agility and flexibility, helping you build for the future.

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Step 1 - Assess

We will assess and define your business needs, improve your cost calculations, provide clarity of your journey to the cloud and manage your migration with minimal disruptions.


Step 2 - Discover

Explore possibilities with zero commitment, receive insight to the migration process, prepare for your journey to the cloud with our support, plan in advance to ensure everything is in place and continue business as usual without worrying about disruptions.


Step 3 - Mobilise

Our process is designed to give you peace of mind and minimise disruption to your business. We will prepare you for the migration process, give an insight into what is required to take your business to the next level, explore your migration plan to ensure a seamless transfer, and plan ahead so your move to the cloud will seem weightless!


Step 4 - Migrate

Access to Bytes AWS will prepare your business for its migration to the cloud both financially and technically, whilst giving complete clarity of the process and maintaining your business’s ability to continue with its core activities.


Step 5 - Modernise

Improve your agility within the modern world, assess your possibilities to reduce costs, stay informed and in control, and focus on your core business activities while Bytes support you in your journey to the cloud.


AWS Case Studies

AWS Optimisation Services.jpg

Bytes AWS specialists assisting Eastleigh Borough Council’s cloud migration

Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) is an award-winning local council winning the ‘Council of the Year’ by APSE (Association of Public Service Excellence). The organisation takes a progressive approach to frontline service delivery.

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AWS Spot Services.jpg

Migrating to AWS offers a high-performance website experience for The Anfield Wrap

The Anfield Wrap is an award-winning media company publishing both live and pre-recorded podcasts, radio shows and online articles about Liverpool Football Club.

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Huntswood gains flexibility and resilience through AWS migration with Bytes

Huntswood is a UK-based professional services and recruitment firm, providing business outsourcing services.

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