Let's explore your goals - and apply
the smartest security for today's challenges
and tomorrow's emerging threats.

Be sure your security will keep up pace

Our accredited engineers deliver the best solutions to secure new business opportunities and protect companies from the latest security threats. We apply our proven consultancy methodology to define, deliver and implement the right security for your business challenges, from network security to application delivery.

With Bytes, you get the right technologies to meet your security needs and with the knowledge to manage them effectively. We're devoted to helping you maximise the return on every technology investment — and our security consulting and services play a vital role.

Case Study: Harvey Nichols

Bytes provide first class security support across a wide variety of security needs, from antivirus to remote access security. I have a strong relationship with Bytes & trust them to meet my current and future security needs.”

IT Manager, Young's

Technical Services

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Bytes Incident Response

Providing help with security incidents when you need it most. Bytes Incident Response Service handles the entire incident lifecycle from triage to containment and remediation with detailed documentation and reports. And as we know every second counts, your first triage call to Bytes Incident Response will be handled without delay, completely free of charge. 

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Audit & Risk Management

Will your data and systems be compromised in ways that are increasingly difficult to identify and defend against? The modern digital landscape presents great opportunities — and risks. Let's explore where you are on your journey and what's needed to achieve security.

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Design & Define

How do you plan to achieve effective security? We'll work with you to define your full requirements and detail the technical aspects of your environment. Next, your project plan is created with step-by-step timeframes, responsibilities and actions. 

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Install & Implement

Do you want security technology implemented seamlessly into your environment — on time and with the minimum fuss?  Our team of highly accredited technical engineers and consultants can help.  We've got more than 16 years' experience across all sectors and sizes of organisations, from small businesses to multi-site corporations.

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Manage & Maintain

Need an extra pair of hands for your network security team? How about a full accredited, vastly experienced pair of hands?  We make management easy.  Every security product we recommend can be supported, monitored, upgraded, backed up and configured to best practice by our own qualified, accredited and experienced technical consultants.  

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