Stay in control with CSP

CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), that’s us, we are the Microsoft authorised Cloud Solutions Provider.

Through the CSP program we provide you with the ability to purchase Microsoft cloud solutions, on-premises software and third-party solutions, all wrapped with our value-added services to help you maximise your investment.

With all 6 available designations attained, Bytes are a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud

Achieve your ideal workplace

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One contract, one point of contact

Moving from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, all of your IT can be wrapped up in one contract, supported by a single point of contact. This makes Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility + Security simple to access and use.


Current and valuable knowledge

We'll look beyond the constraints of your existing technology to help you select the best solutions for your organisation. We’ll help you move swiftly from an outline strategy, through to proof of concept and finally to full business transformation.

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Transparency at all times

Our consultative-led support services will give you confidence in the quality of care and expertise you’ll get from working with us. You can access your consumption levels in real-time, at any time, via an easy to use self-service portal.

CSP as a Service - Our Program Offering

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  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Access to Microsoft Licensing and technology specialists


  • Full self-service procurement dashboard
  • Azure analytics & cost optimisation
  • Azure fraud monitoring and detection
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  • Technology workshops to help drive business case
  • Adoption & Change Management Service
  • 24/7 Technical Support Backed by Microsoft Premier
  • Bytes Cloud Essentials Service (add on)
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Azure via CSP Program

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program enables purchases of online service subscriptions, Azure services and some on-premises software via the Microsoft Customer Agreement. 

It's the most flexible agreement designed for today's modern businesses - allowing you to take advantage of True PAYG billing and benefit from the highest discounts through Reserved Instances, Hybrid Benefits and Software Subscriptions. To achieve these discounts we continually give you optimisation advice as every CSP customer has access to our Quantum tool.

Bytes understand how to translate legacy technology into the cloud future. Customers are in fantastic hands with Bytes.”

James Marshall, Azure Lead, Microsoft

Microsoft CSP helped Air Business to increase growth

Global distributers Air Business wanted to move more services to Microsoft Azure. However, their subscription wasn't giving them the flexibility a fast-growing organisation needs. 

Switching to a CSP solved this issue whilst reducing costs and offering them more control. Read this case study to learn more.

Case study

Bytes Portal & Cloud Dashboard

Once you have completed the simple online onboarding steps you will be granted acccess to the Bytes Portal Cloud Dashboard where you can:

  • Manage existing Microsoft Organisation Tenants
  • Create additional Microsoft Organisation Tenants 
  • Create / manage existing Microsoft CSP Subscriptions
  • Manage sell pricing (Indirect only)
  • View all subscription and tenant activity

Additional features include managing renewals, manage learning, viewing the service desk, and viewing quotes and orders.

Want to know more about CSP? Call us on 01372 418 500 or email us at [email protected]