Flexible Cloud Management

Protect what’s important with Microsoft 365. Secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and devices with Endpoint Management. Enhance business resiliency without disruption to existing processes. Take advantage of the unmatched capabilities of Endpoint Management with Bytes:

  • Learn how to build management policies that protect your users, company data and devices
  • Discover and protect your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools
  • Gain insights into end user devices and how their compliance with IT policies
  • Learn how to secure your identities with multi-factor authentication and conditional access from any device

Unified Endpoint Security

Manage, monitor and protect your data, in the cloud or on-premise, using a unified, reliable platform.

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Guide to Microsoft 365 - E3, E5 & Beyond

Are you looking to deploy Microsoft 365? Or perhaps you're considering moving from E3, to E5?

Bytes have created the ultimate guide to Microsoft 365. Designed to be your trusted handbook, which you can flick through at any time. Whether you have questions around Teams Voice, E5 Security, Endpoint Management, Viva, or Windows 11, this guide has the answers.

We've filled the guide with useful case studies, podcasts, videos, and on-demand events for you to browse and enhance your knowledge. As well as details on all the Bytes Workshops and Services available to help you on your Microsoft journey.


Intelligent endpoint security


Flexible management


Increase user productivity


Helps maximise ROI

What's included

Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID, which was previously known as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-native services, used by Microsoft Intune as a management tool for identities, devices and groups. The Intune policies created by your business are then assigned to these users, devices and groups. 


The Microsoft Intune family includes; Intune service, Configuration Manager and co-management, Endpoint Analytics, Windows Autopilot and Intune admin centre. Combined, these products & services offer a cloud-based unified endpoint management solution. Simplifying management across operating systems, on-prem, desktop, mobile and virtual endpoints.  

Configuration Manager & Co-management

This is an on-prem management solution, which can manage laptops, Windows servers and desktops, whether on your network or internet-based. In order to benefit fully, connect to the cloud via co-management to combine existing on-prem configuration manager to some of the cloud-based features in Intune.  

Windows Autopilot

Set up and pre-configure new devices with WA, preparing for productive use. You can also use WA to reset, repurpose and recover devices. This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that's easy and straight forward.

Endpoint Analytics

This is a cloud-native service, providing metrics and recommendations on the performance and health of your Windows client devices. If you're already using Configuration Manager, you will benefit from Endpoint Analytics insights through connecting to the cloud. You will receive data on: the performance of startup, how frequently devices are restarting, apps affecting end-user productivity, as well as recommendations on how to improve. 

Intune Suite

This is a collection of add-on features available to you in Microsoft Intune. Additional features include: remote assistance for secure help desk connections, Microsoft Tunnel VPN for mobile application management of devices not enrolled in Intune, Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) so non-admin users can complete tasks requiring elevated privileges, management of specialty devices and more! 

Intune Admin Centre

Utilise the admin centre to add users and groups, create new and manage existing policies, as well as monitoring your policies via report data. The admin center also plugs in other key device management services, such as: Azure AD privileged Identity Management, Microsoft Tunnel VPN, Mobile threat defense, remote help, TeamViewer, Windows 365 and Windows Autopatch. 

Windows Autopatch

This is a cloud-native service, automating patching of Windows devices and M365 apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge. To utilise Windows Autopatch, your devices have to be enrolled in Intune OR managed using co-management. Windows Autopatch automatically applies updates as soon as they become available, which lets admins focus on other important tasks that need completing.

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