Software License Review

Want to find out what you own today — so you can start to put your organisation in the strongest position possible?

Whether you want a standalone licensing health-check or you're moving towards asset management, we'll establish exactly what you own today. A Bytes Software License Review is the first step towards taking control of licensing across your software estate.

Our friendly team will enable you to:

  • Discover areas where cost savings can be made
  • Identify any current or pending compliance risks
  • Find any surplus licenses or redundant software for re-harvesting
  • Provide a clear baseline and overview of your software estate upon which to build a solid ongoing SAM solution
  • Obtain vendor certification to prevent an enforced audit and subsequent unplanned expenditure
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Bytes gives you more

  • A complete analysis of the software installed across your network, locally and globally
  • A breakdown of vendor software ownership
  • Comparison and analysis of entitlements against actual software deployed to highlight areas of under and over licensing (includes account upgrade and downgrade rights along with vendor, product and version)
  • Collect and verification for all non-volume purchases (eg. boxed products)

Feels like you're wading through treacle? Don't worry. We love treacle

Keeping track of software and license usage across a large IT environment is a never-ending task. The relentless evolution of the software itself — from mainstream software vendors to specialist— requires regular updates and investment, sometimes rendering other software redundant in the process.

The good news is that Bytes can help. We love everything about licensing.

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